Arena Cross, San Antonio Texas

Just wondering how many of you are in the area, if you are going to go, or if you are going to race?

I am racing Arena Cross for the first time. My first race on the 450 as well. What a debut, eh?!?!

I will be going with 5 riders from my track to race on Sunday. It is our first Arenacross as well. Should be fun!!

Gene H.


DDMX Ranch :)

I am racing on Saturday night.

Don't get your hopes up - you get maybe 5 minutes of track time which for an old guy like me wasn't near enough. It is pretty cool racing in the dome though - be safe and don't ride over your head, otherwise it's a good way to earn an ambulance ride.

Good Luck and Have Fun.

5 minutes? more like 5 laps. see ya there...

As slow as I am - that is five minutes :)

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