16T Counter.. will it fit?

will help topend alot.. will a 16t go in?

15t just about fits...

The 15 is really close on mine, and the chain actually rubbed a bit on the case guard initially, so I really doubt a 16 would fit. Is there even a manufacturer that makes one for the WR450?

Not sure, but im sure one can have a 16t custom made.

Spoke to my local race shop and he reckons it wont go on.. i just thought its alot cheaper to change the front then the rear... its also so much easier then taking the whole back wheel off.

I had one on my 04 WR450.You have to remove the cheesy case guard .The chain is real close to the case but it clears.

I think I still have it somewhere if you want it. It used it for less than 100 miles

I have a 16T on mine. I think its a sun star. I had to remove a small amount of material off of the case guard to make sure there was some clearance on the chain. Other than that it has worked fine all of last season. I run my wr on the street so it's perfect for me.

I saw posts of a few of the SM guys running a 16t. Like stated above you have to grind a little slider pad out of the way.

So where did you guys get your 16t sprocket?

Edit: Looks like a JT 16t sprocket can be had from the Parts Unlimited catalog for $10.95.

I think mine said Sunstar on the side of it

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