handguards on protapers

i finally broke down and got some protapers and now am wondering if i should keep with my conventional style handguards since they would interfere with the flex thats supposed to make protapers so fantastic. I currently have the moose handguards, which are the same as the MSR ones. MSR makes a tripple clamp mount and im thinking that migh tbe the way to go to avoid altering the flexability of the protapers. Anyone use this part? It doesnt look that adjustable, like it would only fit one specific type of bar and bar length. Im also considering heading over to my buddies machine shop and whipping something up that would perform similar since another $55 for stuch a small seemingly questionable part hurts. anyone made a tripple clamp mount for handguards??? thanks for tolerating my rather uninformed questions.

IMO, they'll still flex fine with hand guards mounted. Try it prior to spending more $$. My .02. :)

I say go ahead and run em. They will still flex up and down but I think it adds more strenth foreward and back,of course that could all be in my head too :).Anyway I put pro tapers or fat bars on everything I ride and I havent bent any yet,good choice!

Ditto on the good choice! I wiped out a couple of weeks ago and slammed so hard it twisted my forks in the triple clamps, but my bars came through just fine!

I installed the cycra brand hand guards. They have a upper triple tree mount availiable in either forward or side mount. The forward mount worked perfectly with my pro taper bar and upper tree. The guard itself is curved to prevent those levers from hanging below the protection area and comes in black or silver. The plastic shrouds in the kit only come in white,but are easily painted if you decide to use them. The only downside is that they come with no bolts to mount to your existing triple tree. That was solved by going to my True Value store and getting the proper length metric allen bolt.

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