Jetting Question

I have removed the snorkle from the air box and cut the grey wire. Last night I pulled the baffle out of the exhaust to take a ride and noticed a miss at higher rpm's. The bike seems to do this everytime I remove the baffle. I'm thinking it's not getting enough gas, any suggestions?

Jetting is stock.

mj 165

maj 200

pj 42

paj 75

needle OBDRR pos 4

ps out 2.5 turns



[ July 05, 2002: Message edited by: RonO ]

Open your Kouba 1/4 turn at a time until it goes away. If you open more than two turns, pull the needle up one clip and try that.

Bonzai :)

if it's higher up the revs try to lift the needle.


Ok, tried the needle in position 3 last night, real bad missing on top end. Thought I'd just try it in position 5, wow nasty backfiring. When you pull the needle up, do you need to adjust the pilot jet?


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