CarbParts FCR Intake spacer

I purchaced one of their kits. They sent me an intake spacer that is threaded on one end and a lip on the other for the rubber intake boot. My gripe is that the spacer sets the carb back too far towards the frame x-member making it a pain to remove and rotate for a rejet. Just seeing if any of you guys use it or did something else. Thanks!

I used the stock rubber boot from a dirt model DRZ for the front of the carb, and the Carb parts bell houseing for the rear of the carb. Everything bolted up perfectly. You need the manifold, and the clamp. I think it was about $13 for both.

The stock E model intake boot is the way to go. The S boot has a smaller I/D and the adapter is made to fit and narrows the intake path. Not the ideal setup IMO. My boot is from a WR400 I believe as thats were the carb came from. I sent my adapter back to Carbparts for credit. :)

Do any of you guys have a picture of the carb installed? My email is THANKS!


I dont have any pics, but if you look at mnelson78's web site at the FCR carb pic it looks exactly like mine does.

I ordered the intake boot from an E model and the clamp. But the mount adapter that Carb Parts sent me is 36 mm.inner diameter That is an area difference of 17% between 36mm & 39mm. I need to know what adapter you guys used! The stock E carb is cast with a flange for the intake boot! 17% should yeild a seat of the pants difference I would think. Also I noticed Fastmike926 has the TPS how did you do that? :) THANKS!

All great questions randall, I want to know too!


My carb is from a WR 400, and the TPS bolted right up, I am not sure about the adapter for the front of the carb, but if it is like mine you should be able to leave the screw on adapter off, and bolt the carb right to the boot. On the back of the carb however I used the Carb parts bell housing, which was actually bigger than the stock bell housing that came with the Wr carb.

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