XR 680 R

Anyone try the big Wiesco (sic?) piston? Know anyone who has? Any changes to cam, valves, etc.? Sleeve/plating issues? Any words of wisdom related to punching it out?


'02 650R. Ohlins rear, Excells w/8 guage, DID 520vp gold, IMS 3.2 Dry Brake/Acerbis 10 gallon, 42mm Edelbrock, Big Gun Race, BarnumsPro cam, Scott's, BRP triples, Pro Taper CR High, 200watts, 15/47, airbox mod's, cold plug, Moose tubes, Dunlops, Serfas grips, etc, etc.

i'd shoot rob barnum an email. see what he says about em.



What?!!! Only a measly 30cc? That's not even a 5% increase. I think I'll hold out for the 700 kit! :)

Then I can call it the BRB. The Big Red Boar!

Irondude, the guy who runs the U.K. site www.supermotech

runs the 680 and has dyno graphs.

cheers, Craig

I was at LA Sleeve one day, thumbing through their catalog and came across a big bore for the 650L. They punch it out to 720. it could probably be done on the 650R as well :)

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