chain guide

Scott's has a chain guide for the 01 ttr125 for 50.00. Looks well made. Is the stock guide the same in 02 as 01? Scotts homepage

Sounds good. Anyone have any experience with the Scotts guide?

does the chain guide stop the chain from ever popping off of the sprockets? or what does it do? would i need a chainbreak to get it on? thanks

The guides purpose is to keep rocks,roots etc. from derailing the chain. Its up to you to keep it prop. adjusted. Look for the masterlink on the chain to take it apart. Still looking for an answer to the question about the 01 and 02 stock guides are they the same? anyone?

The type of chain guide you get will determine whether or not you have to take your chain off. If you can find your master link, it's no big deal. Some guides have separate bottom "rub blocks" that are replaceable, on these you can just remove teh block, loosen up your chain and slide it out the bottom. I just got a Fredette chain guide for my YZ and it works great so far. $36 through RMMX. Never tried the Scott's - sorry.

rmmx? do they have a web site?

can u get a chainguide for the 125L out of the catelog? or from the web site?

Chaparral has one. It's a BBR one for $65.95

Scotts emailed me saying they don't have a guide for my 02TTR125 They show a guide on their website for an 01. I'll buy the PRC Racing guide for 50.00

Where can I take a look at a PRC Racing chain guide?

scotts performance

the link is in the first post

even got a picture :)

it looks well made.



oops, sorry my bad

wrong manufacturer


Thanks Tim.

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