ordered some stuff

hey, I just ordered a fast 50s tall seat foam cover, fast 50s stainless steel pegs, and fast 50s 8" bars! I can't wait to get em :)

Now I have to order a throttle, triple clamp, and tall seat foam (if it's any good? does everyone like it?)..

After that I'll buy a new filter, fork/shock springs (maybe), new tires, and hopefully a 75cc kit.. It's going to be awesome..

What's up Joka? Man call them back and tell them you want the bar/throttle/clamp combo. It's cheaper that way, plus you get the crossbar pad and grips. You will love those pegs. :)

hey! Actually, I found the person on ebay and won the seat cover.. I emailed them and we started talking about what other parts they had and it turns out that they had the 8" rise fast 50 bars and footpegs.. I got a really good deal on them so I went ahead with it! I've already got an extra pair of renthal grips from my RM, so thats no biggy.. All I need now is a clamp and a throttle..

I think im gong to buy the applied racing throttle and fast 50s clamp..


- oops! Yeah, the bar pad would have been nice, but what can ya do? I can hack up one of my renthal ones if I need to..

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