My WB R4 pipe too loud, will spark arrestor help?

I bought the bike used (an 02 YZ 250F). It also runs like crap. Where does the arrestor go, right near the exit of the exhaust or at the very far end of the silencer, nearest the engine? I want to quiet it down. When I bought it, I think the previous owner put the pipe on but didn't rejet. I'm thinking of putting in the s/a (it's CHEAP) and rejetting it for that configuration. What do you think?


the s/a is only a screen type and does not do much of anything to quiet the pipe. they sell a quiet core insert which is supposed to help, but i don't think you can use the quiet core with the s/a. i would recommend repacking your silencer asap. when i first got the pipe it was loud, but now is louder and has a hollow coffee can sound. mine has been due for repacking for a while now. my opinion: if you want a quieter pipe ditch the r4 and buy something else, it starts out of the box as one of the louder pipes available.

The R4 is the race (closed course) silencer and adding the spark arrester will not make it any quieter. The spark arrester mounts on the rear of the silencer. I'm with socal, if you want a quieter pipe, sell your R4 on the Parts forum or E-bay and put the money towards a quiet(er) pipe.

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