Just baught a crf and it's my first fourstroke. I've always had two-strokes. What is different

with maintenance on these machines if anything? besides the regular stuff.......

ie, valve adjustment, carburator ect........ Thanx for any help.

Your question is not unlike "mommy, where do babies come from?"

Change the oil every 3 rides. Make damn good and sure your airboot doesnt and cant leak.

It depends on your riding. My WR has never had anything done other than a oil change and lubing.

On my CRF I'll watch the valves a little closer. Change the oils OFTEN and watch there levels.

Tear the bike apart and lube everything.

Lastly...use the search. Most of your question have already been asked. But hey, it never hurts to ask :)


Check those spokes!!!

Don't worry about the maintenance at this time since it's new. Ride it for a month or two then start worrying about it. Other than that, just change your oil every 2-3 rides and check your spokes. :) more thing....

Adjust your chain slack when you see that it's loose (since it's a stock chain).

I know this has been posted a ton but don't forget to add the correct amount of tranny fluid. The check bolt hole is not accurate. So just add the amount specified and you are golden. :)

I would lube the swingarm, steering head, and linkages swith a quality grease before you even ride it. The amount of grease from the factory is little if any and there grease is substandard. Also, check your valves and decompression adjustment. I did all this sbefore I ever rode my '03 and have not had any problems yet.

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