yz 80 forks

i have found yz 80 forks and im going to buy them but would i need a new master cylinder because i have heard that the brake line needs to be longer, i have heard u can use a cr-250 master cylinder? also where can i find oem triple clamps?

Best bet is to get the lot, that is whole fork assembly, triple clamps, bolts axles master cylinder caliper etc etc etc etc less the wheel. There is a lot of expense in buying all the other bits. The stock TTR caliper and mastercylinder can be used. You need a new brake hose that is longer. Custom lines can be made up and will be cheaper than new parts. The CR250 master cylinder is one that cyclenut 51 recommends. Remember that the YZ front end is only the beginning. Look foward to spending all your life savings, racking up huge credit debts and people thinking you are a complete nut and lost it. But its fun. :)

Actually, I recommend the stock master cylinder with a '97 CR80 brake line run CR-style. You can get a decent steel line for around $45, and save the cost of a master cylinder change-over. The brake line caliper from the TTR will be used to clamp the hose at the top of the fork guard. It works well.

What about '94 KX80 inverted forks on a CRF150? What would I need to do? Where to get stiffer springs?

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