Out of Date Websites

PLEASE: If any of you come across out of date websites, send them a polite email informing them that there site is used and they should keep it up to date. I work in the industry and know that this works, in the end we all win.

There is nothing more annoying than an out of date website.

Also hard to use websites could be reported to the owner.

Not to get too personal Oz, and obviously you dont have to answer, or not here at least obviously, I see that you are a web designer...I am in 2nd year Design Computing at Sydney Uni, near the top of my class, and I do allright. I am just interested, how well do you do, I mean as a job...is it good money, good hours, satisfying??? etc...i am thinking of changing to Structural Engineering...Just interested...send me a PM if you could...that would be awseome!!! Thanks DINGA

Like the start page of TT. That guy is giving me the creeps. I don't even like comming here that much anymore... :)

Hi DINGA (Welcome to the board by the way)

I will put this public because it may interest just more than you.

My Grandmother always told me the 3 best ways to make money where. Computers, Other Peoples Money or Sex. After 15 years as a carpenter I headed her advise and got into computers :) (I am to ugly to be in the sex industry )

Web Development is a good career, it was better a few years ago when you could basically name your price. Things are a lot more "real" these days.

Still it is not a bad career.

It all depends on what route you take as well. I am developer in the sence that I do a lot of backend work, meaning I integrate company websites with company databases etc. As far as plain HTML sites go you would stuggle to do well in this field. The fact is most people won't pay what it costs to do this type of stuff as they can get Front Page or any other of the shelf web page software and do the same thing. Nice graphic sites are far and few between because most business peopl are soley interestead in the bottom line. So if the diffrence is 5K for a nice designed site or 2K for one they do themselves.. they will do it themselves.

Web Development is not a hard job, if you have a lateral type of mind you could pick It up quite quickly. The hardest part for a guy of your age would be the business side of it. It does take some life experince to deal with clients and you have to think quick and be confident, always act like you know what people are talking about even if you have no idea. When I first started I bit of more than I could chew and chewed like hell :D. It is very much a word of mouth type business as well so if you do a good job you will always get work. I have never advertised, all my work comes from word of mouth.

The main benefit to me as a web developer is more lifestyle based than business. By this I mean I have a lot of freedom with my time. I can go riding through the day, then work at night or make my own hours. I still do around 50 hours a week, its just that its not 9 to 5 work. It also suits me as I have half a Netball team for a family so I get to allocate my time around them and riding.

As far as the money goes the rate for a developer ranges between $45-85 an hour Oz Dollars. In the good old days (2000) where on $160PH (Ah I miss those days) Anyway there is good money to be made and it is a satisfying job.

If you want to talk more about what to do and how to get into it send me an email and I will call you and have a chat.

PS: Do you race, if so are you doing the Thumpernats



Thanks for the INFO Oz...damn 160 an hour...wouldnt have been too shabby!!! haha...Sounds like it is pretty good...I am just not sure...You hit the nail on the head...do I race...well not at the moment, but I used to be real keen...grew up racing Ben Grabham, and in the woods in particular was competitive with him...my bikes were always junk though, so i hoping that my new 03 CRF will propel me back to the podium...My dream is still to be a factory racer, and I can do it I think, but I need to get on the circuit again...haha...

I might race the thumpers if they have the rounds at Picton and appin again...I am in Sydney for uni, but Bathurst otherwise, so Lithgow maybe too...I dunno though...I gotta get some more money and more riding time...I am still paying Dad for the loan :) but it will all be good...Thanks again for the advice dude...I might get in touch!!! DINGA

You reckon $160 an hour is good, my boss at one job was on $9,000 a week during the great online craze of 1999-2001 :)

I hear Ben Grabham is going to the states (USA) this year to do the GNCC series... if he does i reckon he will go top 10.

I never heard of this guy but if he is fast I would like to see him come over and compete aginst our riders. I also heard a few Europeans were coming over to race in the GNCC's as well.

I am guilty of this. I started to update it last night and my computer started acting up and I gave up. I will have updates on it soon. If you guys would like to check it out or send me pictures to put on it go to www.geocities.com/lrmo21.

Hi Russ, i gather you are talking about Ben Grabham and not me :)

He is very fast, infact he is Australian champion. He did race the first round last season in Florida and was rinning 6th when he had a big crash if i remeber right. He is around Shane Watts speed for sure.

I don't know if he is definatly going to the USA but there was a lot of talk about it. He rides a YZ250.

holy smokes!!! That is alot a week!!! DAMN!!! Yeah Benny is going, and he will be top 5 I would say...he is very fast...and pretty fit, but he might need a little more raw strength, but he will win that title one day...he is Wattsys speed basically, and ran 3rd outright I think at the ISDE for while this year??? He was quick when he was young too...it was good to ride and race with him...DINGA

I have half a Netball team for a family so I get to allocate my time around them and riding.

Hi RedOz, For those of us who don't speak Oz very well, what does this mean? Just curious.

Thanks for all the great posts. -Mike-

You don't have Netball?

Netball is like basketball except you are not allowed to travel with the ball and there is no backboard, just a hoop. I think there is 9 girls per team and it is generaly a girls sport. Some little boys play at school.

Since i have 7 girls everyone says i nearly have a netball team, so goes the saying :)

PS: Thanks for the kind words

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