03 Cam Mod

Wondering if there are pics on this mod or any info about price, what is needed, and where to order the parts needed. Have tryed to use the search but can't get to work for me.

use the words "auto decomp." or "auto decompression" in your search. that'll help. happy hunting!!

go to the search page page. put "cam mod" in the 'Words to search for' box. change the 'Date Range' pulldown to 'Newer than 3 months'. click Submit.

here's a start for you:


jim aka the wrooster

The only parts you need are the 03 cam and assembly lube. Look in the manual under valve clearence and follow the steps to remove the cam. Replace cam with 03 model and reassemble according to the manual. Thats it. Prices talked about seem to be $150-200 for the cam depending on the dealer.

If you want to remove the manual decomp lever and cable you will also need the small rubber plug to put in the whole in the head. This is also a dealer part.

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