Linkage maintainence ?

I am getting ready to service my linkage on my 01 WR 250 for the first time as the previous owner never. There is a little play in it and I would expect it to be a shock bearing as they are generally a weak point in most bikes.(Had to replace the shock bearing in my KDX 220R yearly.)

Is there anything weird and wonderfull that I should be aware of or is this the same as most bikes, clean grease replace if necessary. I thought that I had read some where that there was a teflon coating on the bearings or I may have been dreaming again.

I have serviced the linkage on my '02 WR twice now. It isn't difficult at all. Just follow the shop manual. Be warned though, the grease Yamaha uses at the factory turns into a plastic type material when it gets old. Make sure you clean all this material off before regreasing and sticking it back together.

first read Rick and Sean's Excellent Yamaha 250F FAQ

here is good stuff on the linkage etc.:

click here for the "End of Year Maintenance" thread

grease info

and some bad advice here:

stooooopid, i know...


that "plastic string cheese" stuff in the bearings is NOT OLD GREASE. it is actually a dry film lubricant which doubles as a retainer to keep the needle bearings in place during assembly at the yamaha factory. you will notice that you can put about a million times more grease in the bearing once you get the string cheese out. some people erroneously believe that if you take the dry lubricant out there will be free space between each of the needles -- but as the needles meet at their respective tangents that's just not the case. pull it all out and pack the bearings with new grease. instructions and lots of good tips can be found in the "EOY Maintenance" link above.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I thought that stuff was some type of teflon seal to protect the needle bearings. I did extract that stuff and greased her up with water proof marine grease.and yes i'ts not hard just a little time consuming first time around.ggod luck!

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