Hate my server and tired of AOL

Man what a drag. Been trying for three day's to answer some good post's and even making a new post.

My server keeps timing out and tells me TT is not responding. what a drag.

I think it is just pressure to force people to go with the faster more expensive DSL or other Broadband service.

Dosen't matter whether it is 5:30am or 5:30 pm. Just can't seem to get through.

Might even be this AOL server I have. I have tried different log in numbers but get the same thing. I would like to switch to another company but I would prolly have to hire someone to clean up my hard drive. This AOL is worse than a virus.

Doubt this post will make it through ether but I am a persistant SOB and figure I will try it again.

Anyone else having this much trouble?


GZ,I had the same problem,It sucked.I hate to say it but I ended up wiping my system clean and reloading my entire system :) I have cable modem now :)may be easier for you(I hope).Good luck.

Cable rocks! It costs me a couple bucks more a month but the stress of AOL was killing me.

Check out att.net

I'm still on the old dial-up, but I am pretty happy with my service. I can't remember the last time I couldn't connect. www.peoplepc.com Their main deal is to sell you the computer, service, and IP in one package but they will also just be your IP. I am coming to the end of my 3-year contract but I will probably just sign up for their internet service and keep using the same old computer cuz everything works fine.

I usually log on to TT at work (shame), but at home I always go with a local internet provider. So many people just hook up to AOL or MSN, because it's easy and well known. (They package their free CDs with about any kind of hardware or software you can imagine.) That means more people competing for a limited amount of bandwidth. With a local server, especially one that is new, you may get several months of fast connections. If that provider doesn't get profit fever or get bought out by you know who, you may get a couple of years or more of good service. That's how it is here, but this is Montana after all. Can't say what your chances are in CO.

If you switch, just run the uninstall wizard to remove AOL. You can also search your hard drive for AOL directories and delete them. If you want to remove "all trace" you can search and edit your registry or use a registry cleanup tool.

The big name providers are also more common targets for junk mail and viruses, so getting out from under AOL or MSN can help you there too.

Earthlink rocks! I log in via our dedicated internet T-1 at work and just use dial-up at home since I rarely surf the net at home.

Yeah, I've heard good things about Earthlink. If I couldn't find a local I would have gone with them I think.

I log in via our dedicated internet T-1 at work

So you're getting about as much work done as I am! TT is an addiction for me.

BTW, my brother and son ride on Hood Canal every so often. Sure wish I could drive over to Tahuya this weekend and meet you guys. I have an old friend whose grandfolks had a cabin near Tahuya. We rode there once back in the '80s. Sure would love a tour. :)

EZGZ, it ain't just you.

Do you know how heartbreaking it is to post something really obnoxious and it dosn't get through?

AOL sucks.

Hey Ted,

Whenever you're ready to come over let me know. I have a buddy with a cabin right on the water at Hood Canal. We leave his place and ride on the street for about 200 yards and then it's all dirt from there.

Tahuya is a great place. I'm still pretty new to it, but having a blast over there.

AOL doesn't suck. They TOTALLY SUCK ! Glad I made the switch. I made the switch after a MALE tech support person called me.............. HONEY ! IN PRINT, nonetheless!!

Friggen fag!

You guys think you've got a beef with AOL??? Try having your company (Time Warner) bought by them when their stock was worth gazillions, then have their bunch of amoral @sshole bosses spend a year screwing things up your businesses, which they know nothing about. Then try havinge their business model fall apart and drag your 401k and stock options so far underwater you need a submarine just to find them.

In the interim, the AOL brass decided the whole company (90,000 people) should use their operating system on our computers, and switch everything over from MS Outlook. The problem is, their system is for home users, not business, and it sucked. So we revolted and got our MS Outlook back. Minor embarrassment for them - their own company prefers their arch-enemy's software!

Finally, we're rid of the last of those bozos! Unfortunately, now we're broke!

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