Red Deer AX this weekend

anyone else riding the AX in Red Deer, Alberta this weekend?

No. I help out at the Lethbridge Indoor to help out the local clubs. Do you just race mx? Are you coming the Leth?Being your from millet I think a guy i race haresrambles and XC 's is from there. Dan Watt do you know him.How many Alta guys are on this site?

I will not be racing the Red deer event either, I have for the last 3 years but I am boycotting it this year. I am really looking forward to the Lethbrige Indoor though. It is going to be an awesome track, I have hear rumors that the track will loop into the next building and back. :)

When and where in Red Deer?

I had no idea, I'd love to come watch.

I checked the Lethbridge link, I might drive down for that.

Milo not Millet.

I think that there are quite a few Alberta guys here.

dan watt? i think i've seen him before. rides a ktm right?......i haven't been to the lethbridge one in a few years. just don't prefer the way they run it; start at 7am, and have a weird qualifying system. the day takes a good 14 to 15 hours to run its course and then starts all over again the next day. they're real expensive too. they really need to take a page from too trick's book. they run excellent events! but really, being able to ride in the winter is nothing to complain about i guess......theres another AX in the area on feb 7-8 in camrose, ab. check out also a practice session thursday night 6-9pm which is excellent as well.....

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