Colorado Wildfire

i just got back from Arkansas. I was wondering what is the damage done to our trails, homes etc... Is Rampart still there? How about the 717 trails in divide? What riding areas are still open. Texas Creek? San Isabella Forest?

i hear the Pike Natl Forest is closed. Any help would be appreciated.


Closed, closed, closed, closed............

May not be that bad, but depends on where you riding. Up around Boulder, we're still OK for the time being. Not sure about Rampart, I just assume that it's close as well as Woodland Park. BTW, heard that Taylor Park may close for the season too, I'm going to try to make it to TP as soon as poossible. Pike is closed, not sure about the other places though.........Sorry, wish I could be more help...........

Dodger :):D

Looks like the 717 area is still around. The fire made to around the Signal Butte area, out from Divide. There is talk about re-opening the Pike forest in a couple of weeks.


I can't comment for sure on which trails were hit and which weren't, but I wouldn't think that even if they open Pike back up to the public, that motorized OHV's (or any OHV's) will be allowed for a while-just based on the erosion, and general impact they have on the area-that's what I'm thinking...

After looking (with grim determination) at the perimeter maps, it looks like *most* of 717 is intact. Most of the damage was done from Wildhorn Ranch (not campground) and to the west. I first thought that the NE section and Rule Creek had burned, but it appears not.

The southern end of Rampart (Trout Creek) was touched again but otherwise intact.

All of Pike, San Isabel and one I'm forgetting are closed at the moment. Taylor Park is still open for now.


The famous Taylor Park riding area, near Gunnison, is still open and fire free. Better hope for rain though!


Last I checked, San Isabel is still open. Pike is closed in Douglas, Jefferson, Park, Teller, and El Paso counties for all uses. For information, go to and select the national forest that you want info on. I would also suggest that you call the particular forest office for the latest, you can also find their phone numbers at the above site.

How close are the fires to the Springs?

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by Wicked Crash:


Last I checked, San Isabel is still open.

My neighbors went out last week and he checked the web and it said that SI was closed to OHV use. Maybe it's reopened since last weekend, or he/I misread the printout. What I read was that all of Pike, SI, and parts of the San Luis Valley were all closed for OHV use.

Like you said, best to check with the local authorities before venturing out.


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