Bicycle Pegs?

Checking out and ran into a post about putting bicycle pegs on a 50, sounds like fun. You could pull some sick wheelies standing on those! :D Would be the way to go for our doubles races. At least the rider would have somewhere to put their feet. They'd have to come off quick though. Couldn't have those things tagging my calves every time I get out of shape. :D Thats the only thing I found on that site though, Lotsa good pics, but too many suburbian wannabe Gs. Worth checking out. :)

Bicycle pegs, ahhhhh back to the old freestyle flatland days. Get a cool set of folding pegs (Haro,Dyno,GT, or El Cheapo) that clamp on, they would probably fit on the stock swingarm. Make sure they fold. I remember when we had scooters and freestyle bikes we would constantly take out your shins and ankles with non folding pegs.

:smirk:What do y'all think?

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