How about a 120 rear on the YZ450

Any thoughts

I've run that size exclusively on my 426 from day one. But I don't ride any motocross, off-road only, usually with a lot of sand involved. In deep sand or gravel the larger tire makes a noticeable difference.

Hope this helps.

I have a 120 on my stock wheels and I rode Lake Elsinore's track for 6 months until I broke my rear hub.

I liked it!

Last year LaRocco ran a 120 on his CR250. He said it bit in more in the corners. I don't see why it should be a problem with the 450. Are you talking MX or off road/trails?


I ran a 120/90/18 on my 450 in Parker two weeks ago, and it rocked! I don't see any problem with it.


Are you doing MX????????

They work great. I ride in a lot of loam and sand using a Dunlop 773 and it hooks up great!

If you guys do not mind explaining, why would this size not be on the bike from day one? Is there more to tire selection than having the best possible traction?

Is there more to tire selection than having the best possible traction?

Best or most?

You are asking the wrong guy, but I would think a lot of guys would prefer the 110 size for motocross. On a hard packed track I can see where a 120 would sort of overpower the front end traction-wise. Also the lower profile on the 110 may feel better in turns.

I once read where Randy Hawkins ran 100 mm tires in the woods for quicker handling.

I agree with Hick, I have tried both. It depends on riding style though. If you like to point and shoot the 120 works great. If you like to be leaned over and sliding on hardpack the 120 can create a front end push because you get more traction in back. I bet the 120 would work great with a 20" front. I myself prefer the 110 as the bike just feels more balanced.

It may not be a big issue on the bigger bikes, but a wider tire does rob a small amount of power. It's probably a non-issue since the 426 and 450 make more power than most people really use.

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