wr 400 valve inspection/cleaning

Hello all,

I just want to say up front how much I love this forum/site. You all have helped me immensely already. I have two things I am trying to accomplish on my newly acquired bike, a 99 WR400f. I have plenty on experience with 2 strokes, but I need to check out my valves and clean them. Are there any forums on here describing this procedure? Is this something that and inexperience stroker should do for himself the first time? Should I just take it to the dealer and have them clean/spec it? I really would like to learn so I can do all of the maintaining of the bike myself. Also, what is good yz exhaust for this? thanks.

i would download the maunual from yamaha and go over it . only special tool you need is a fealer gauge .

Remove shrouds/tank, remove top engine brackets, remove breather hose

remove cam cover

set engine to TDC - for checking cam to bucket clearance you really just have to move the kickstarter until your lobes point outward and the dots on the gear are even with the top of the head on the outward sides.

Slide your feelers in from the center under the cam and go to town.

If your bike runs clean there really shouldn't be a need to clean the valves, but if you really want to do it it's more involved and requires the manual which you can download:(might not get the 99, but 98 and 2000 are close0


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