Long lost Wild FX vid

CHEESE AND RICE!!! How did the landing feel,or were you knocked out.DRZ would have cleared the building with a ramp like that.I gotta say it...BALLS

That's really a cool video (not the wreck just the balls involved). I've never thought of jumping a ramp up onto a 2nd story flat roof. But then again, I've never thought of jumping a bicycle over anything bigger than a curb. :D

I guess he didn't make a second attempt??? :)

I gotta say it...BALLS

Not any more!

In case anyone is wondering how WFX got the way he is here's the reason


Ya just a bit more speed and :D :D


Excellent dude.


Now THAT is funny!!!!! :)

Thanks Skid

DAMN! now that is funny. The double-dead...Painful and embarassing!

nice video Skid. What the hell was that guy thinking?

Ya just a bit more speed and

My son is 15 and pretty impressionable. He loves hang time too. I'm sure he would like to meet you. Of course, I would never allow such a thing!


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