steering damper for -09 yz450f

Hi after coming of my -05 yz450f the -09 turns much better..but the steering

is very sensitive have u guys felt the same that it could use an steering damper...

Post A Pic!!

I run a Scotts on mine, and I really don't care to ride without one anymore.

i quess thats my next purchage...i have to ring them up to get the prise..cheers

Try tightening the stearing nut a little more.

Try tightening the stearing nut a little more.

If you do that be ready to replace the bearing soon.

It's funny, for the longest time I never used a steering stabilizer on any of my bikes. Many years back a came across a good deal on a Scott's and picked one up an older YZ 250 I had at the time. I have to admit that I didn't notice a huge difference at first. But, you tend not to notice subtle things like increased stamina, less frequent bar slappers, better stability through technical woods sections, etc. I had that YZ and stabilizer for a couple of years before I picked up my next bike. I didn't have the mounting post I needed for the new bike, but I rode it a few times without the stabilizer until I could pick up a new mounting post. HOLY COW the new bike felt like the bars wanted to pull away from my hands at every turn and square edged hit. I literally felt uncomfortable riding the bike. It's not until you've ridden with a stabilizer for a while and then ride without one that you realize how great they really are !! You're arms stay fresh longer, the bike tracks better through technical terrain and bar slappers are a thing of the past :bonk:

Try tightening the stearing nut a little more.
If you do that be ready to replace the bearing soon.
The head bearings in the YZ's are Timken, or tapered roller types, Unlike ball bearings, these hold up best if preloaded. In fact, to illustrate the point, the Timken pinion bearings in the typical rear wheel drive car or light truck are preloaded to the point that it requires 25-30 inch pounds of torque to keep the shaft rotating. In operation these spin at 3000 RPM or so under heavy loads for hours at a time.

Taking the torque of the preload ring up to 7-10 ft/lb rather than the 5 called for will probably do no harm whatever. OTOH, while it will help a little with head shake, it's certainly nowhere near as effective as a damper.

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