PJ-1 Frame Paint Issue

Anyone else notice that the PJ-1 Frame paint for the 98-00 Yamaha models has a purple tint to it? I just completed the left side and a portion of the front of my 99 YZ yesterday and in the natural light this morning it is definately darker than the original. I thought that mabe the ultravilot sun rays could have lightened the original, but it's the same under the seat as well.

I put 6 coats of PJ1 clear over the base coat...it does look new for sure. Can't wait until the new MXDN graphics come in next week.

Bonzai :)


do you have some pics how it was, and how it is now?

need to do the same thing.

Mine looks alright. If I get a chance I'll post a pic, although to really see the color I suppose that won't do the trick.

I did compare mine to the subframe of my buddy's WR. Maybe I could post a pic of my PJ1 painted frame next to the stock WR subframe...

BTW I used white primer.

What is the paint reference to PJ1? I went to the local auto paint jobber in Phoenix and the best we could do for my 2002 wr 426 was a Mazda color that was pretty close, but not a perfect match. So where do you get the paint and what exactly is it? Thanks Mark

Im keen to know what paint matches the colour aswell.

Let us know.

MXTuner has the bike this weekend, adjusting the valves and giving it a once over. I'll get it back when we ride on sunday and take a couple of photos before we dirty it up.

PJ1 paint is the authorized dealer for Yamaha Blue paint. They are the supplier for the Yamaha factory that builds and paints the frames.

I seem to remember a post concerning this subject a little over a year ago. Something was said concerning using a primer to keep this from happening.

Bonzai :)

YAMAKAZI, it says on the can to use white primer first...............doh , i did the same thing, no primer,it didnt look too bad but didnt match, i tried the primer and walah......matches perfect......jimbo

My Wife just informed me that 'Real Men' Read the labels.....Hey atleast I painted it within the right temp range.....

I kinda like the darker color, but I'll go out and buy the primer so it will all match up...

Thanks Dude...

Bonzai :)

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