Saw my WR 450 today!

Just saw my WR in the crate today! I should have it tomorrow. I can't wait. I had the first deposit. They saind there is 24 in line behind me! That is a lot of bikes. Any one else in Michigan have thiers?

congrats, you will enjoy it.

Superbike , I'll have mine soon. I hope. There's a handfull of Michigan ThumperTalkers that have recently taken delivery. Have fun with the new ride. :)

WhoooHooo! Can't wait. To darn cold to ride much. I will have it apart this weekend greasing it up. I hope my Flatland radiator gaurds will fit from last year. I have not even rode that bike since I put them on. Seems like a long wait! Ah well its here. :):D :D ---mike

picked up mine on wednsday....rode it around the parking lot a little bit, good power....feels really light.

the button is the icing on the cake. um.... where did you buy yours ? i got the first one from toms.

Yes I got mine two days ago. I'm in Washington Michigan. We must be thinking, were is Washington , and where is Ovid MI. Washington is about 1 hr north of Detroit. About 25 minutes due east of the Palace of Auburn Hills. Congrats on your new bike. I think we are both going to be very happy with them. Jim


Ovid is 10 mile east of St. Johns and 10 west of Owosso. It is about 25 minutes north east of Lansing.

XR 600, I tried Tom's but someone got there wit there doposit before me :) I would normally never buy from Full Throttle but the gave me a better deal (in writing) and I wanted to get one right away. The only reason is I have a friend who is working there. That was the only other reason I went there. I really would have rather bought from Tom. I told Matt it was whoever had the best deal and who got it first. I may get it picked up today if I can get over there. I have not even seen it togeter yet! I am dying here! I want to switch as much stuff as possible of of my 00 yz before I sell it. I know the top triple clamp will work and I hhave hope for the radiator braces. We will all have to go riding! ---Mike

SUPERBIKE... i think the guy that got there with the deposit before you , was hehehehe. :)

sorry man.

Wow nice photo Jim,

This is the first WR450f photo that I see from an owner. Good to see this bike was not just a rumour! :)

Math :D

What's the scoop on Full Throttle? I bought my bike there way cheaper than anywhere else, about an hour's drive from home. Went to Tom's and got a price so high I didn't stop laughing until Ovid. Card Bros. in Cheasning didn't do comp bikes. Checked out Great Lakes in Flint and no one would talk to me...for 20 minutes. Except the recent GM retiree wanting to buy a loaded Goldwing with CASH. He couldn't get a salesman to talk to him either. :) (There were three salesmen that day doing nothing)

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