filter oils knowledge

i have 2 spray oils , one is meant for k&n air filters what are made of (was it cotton) anyway not sponge (feels a bit too liquidy),and the other one is sticky all over spray oil

for machinery..feels pretty good but still maybe not sticky inuff ..

then i have motul airfilter oil in a bottle for off -road bikes air filters....super sticky

wery hard to apply evenly on the airfilter u end up putting too much..

and then your carb might get glogged or other vice hard to start...

so my question is which one of these is the winner or shoud i get some silcolene


Maxima FAB-1 spray actually is made specifically for gauze element filters such as the K&N. It is a little thinner when first sprayed to allow it to penetrate the element and soak through it thoroughly. However, the actual oil that is left behind once the vehicle evaporates is the same Maxima FFT I use on foam filters. The only difference as a foam user is that the spray costs a lot more.

Use liquid Maxima FFT or similar, work it thoroughly all the way through the foam, and let it "dry" for 8 hours prior to installing it.

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