Blown water seal

Hey guys just thought I'd share a recent problem to see if anyone else has had the same problem or inform everyone else. On my last two rides I noticed my radiator water was low and that I had steamed water stains under my water pump cover. I thought it might be a bad o-ring on the Y tube from the hoses to the pump. WRONG! The water was leaking from underneath the water pump from a little drain? hole. Anyways now I'm going to have to remover the crankcase cover and replace the oil and water seals and the crankcover gasket. I'm just hoping I'll get all the parts(on order) in time to fix it, ride it, retighten everything and be race ready for the 1st and 2nd. I must say though that this is the first problem I've had with my blue beast since buying it in Dec. 99' Not too bad.

You may not have to replace the oil seal. Did you check the oil? If there's no sign of water in the oil then there's no problem with the oil seal. Just change the outer water seal and the cover o-ring seal. Most dealers carry the parts in house and it won't even cost you $10. The job only takes about 30 minutes.


Yeah but I figured if one went I might as well replace the other as well. No telling what the after effects were since I rode it a couple of times after it started leaking. Better safe than sorry 10 miles out in the desert.

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