Info for new DRZ & KLX 400 owners

Skid plate info. Applies to Baja Designs and Moose skid plates. Check this out. Thanks, Corky [url= :):D

Can't get the link to work.?.? :)

Nope,nothing here either.What is it?

Looks cool corky.

I'd use standard hex bolt though.

The first time those socket head bolts hit a rock they will roll metal in the way of your allen wrench. That'll make it tough to get the bolts out without a pair of good pliers or a small pipe wrench. I used both. Then I put standard hex heads in.

if this info is for new owners, who have not purchased a BD skid yet,

the cost fo the BD and your kit is more then the White Bro plate isnt it...?

Nice job Corky! The kit works great, just need BD to get rid of the original mounting hardware and go with/include your kit as their standard.

STINEZ__ These are grade 8 bolts. I will send pict to you of my plate after a year of Az. rocks. If one did get damaged beyond use, the easy way would be to grind head off, remove the other three bolts and remove plate. Then use vice grips on the remaining portion of bolt. This will also work on the type of bolts you use. The most I've had to do was clean the bolt head on a muddy ride before inserting allen wrench.

KAWIDUAL__You have a very good point. My answer is, I think BD makes the best quality skid plates available for these bikes. Excellent material and best coverage.They could very easily include my mod in thier plates when thier built. Considering the cost of side case and covers when you add my mod to skid plate cost it's still a whole bunch cheaper the new cases. It is also less expensive than some skid plates. Thanks for looking.

CO-DRZ--Bill, Thanks for the Atta-Boy


I'm not sure what grade the ones I was using where but some of these CA rocks messed them up enough to make me curse em and change to standard hex bolts.

My skid plate came with the spacers attached but didn't have the side coverage that the BD seems to have.

It is as thick as I'd want it though.

Corky - rather than trying to get BD to replace their mounts with yours, have you asked about them including yours as an option? They may be concerned about the need for drilling to use yours - from a marketing standpoint, some buyers could be turned off by that.

Although they could pre-drill and save a lot of hassle for all!

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