05 WR wont idle

got an 05 wr with yzf cams, full pipe , moded airbox ,think I got the jetting close 175 main 52 pilot 5th clip on the needle tried 1 1/2 to 4 on the air screw , the idle screw does not change the idle at this setting I'm just wondering if the timing could be a cause of this , is the timing differnt for the we to the yzf ? Just a note the bike had a 170 main,45 pilot,3rd on the needle not sure on the air screw but when I finally got it started pipe glowed up quick went to a 175 and a 48 still glowin , I think I'm rich enough now but won't idle ?

wont idle mate, because it has too much fuel!!!

Invest in an adjustable fuel screw (they are cheap) and learn how to set it.

Go back to a 48 pilot and 1 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw for now.....

I'd set it on the #4 clip while you are at it too. The 170 main seems ok.

the pilot circuit is the same as the idle circuit.....even a 50pilot would be too high......do like mutu said and go back down to a 48...try 2-2.5 turns on the fuel screw and 3rd notch from the top on the needle....you also might have to drop the main too....maybe around 170-172

pipe is gona glow anyway you jet.

you don't want to see a blue pipe when you ride then it is too lean.

I dont know alot but a glowin orange pipe is too lean , fixed that proublem . Currentley got 48 pilot 75 main 4th clip down on the needle and the air screw is alumin and blue is this stock but running it at 1 1/4 seems to be the best for starting hot . The idle adjustment screw does not change the idle at all ive rode the bike about 10 hours now runs great no cutting out or stunmble on the top end just got to keep it running with throttle ,very frustrading to start , alot better when hot but impossible when completly cold have to pull start it . I suspect the timing was advanced or retarted when the cams were installed since it was motard raced could this be a potential idling proublem :bonk:

Still need advice on the timing guys is this a potiential reason for idling proublems

Still need advice on the timing guys is this a potiential reason for idling proublems

it maybe an idea to check the valves, if its hard to start and wont idle could be that the inlets have tightened up.

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