clutch plates

01 YZ250F. Pulled cluthes out tonight for general maintance. upon reading owners manual discovered there is no measurments for wear limits on clutch plates, only friction plates. question is , dont these wear also ? it does list limits for warpage but ? it also stats replace as a set. really ? and finally, is the clutch mod so often talked about on here really a plus ? what size are those washers anyway ? TIA

I am not sure of the measurements either. One thing I did before I put new plates in is I scuffed the steels. Easily done. Take some rough sandpaper or even rough conrete. Rub them around. It helps with movement of the oil. The small grooves in the plates helps the oil disipate through the plates more freely, thus more oil movement.

I did the washer fix and my clutch was gone about 2 weeks later. I replaced the fibers and scuffed the steels and perfection. My clutch was a little weak before the fix but I went without the fix anyway :).

While it is true that the factory manual does not give spec's on replacing driven plates, there is a rule of thumb I know of. Carefully examine these plates for any hot spots or scoring. A hot plate will exhibit bluing on the contact face, caused by slippage. This is all I've ever used as a guideline for plate replacement...

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