28 and my first race...any advice?

As you all saw in my adelanto post i will be raceing there in feb. any advice? any will be helpfull!!! thanks

Last year, I had my first ever MX race at 25. The track I raced at didnt' have any practice days, and I was coming in on the first day for points for the summer series. I had only been on my dirtbike a handlful of times, and that was woods riding. These are the only things I can tell you from my experience, looking back on the past year:

Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Don't try to win, just try to not be last.

Don't take your bike all the way apart the night before to make sure nothing's going to break the day of the race...you'll always forget to tighten something back up.

If you're not used to the starting-gate routine, don't fight in the first corner...just get in and out clean, avoiding the inevitable pileups.

Make sure your fuel's on, your bladder's empty, and you have water to drink.

Just try to get experience and have a good time. Find someone you can battle with, and RACE. Don't give up no matter what. Don't take it too seriously, you have to go to work the next day. It's just for fun.

Good luck.

The 'hopper

Just go have fun. Race the "track" and forget about the rest of the riders. Stay to the side of jumps because the jumpers get the centerline. Be smart & safe, fast will come later. Good Luck !

Second the point on the start/first turn issue. Don't come in to hot and loose control in the first turn. I have seen many a day destroyed by the first 20 seconds of a race. Have fun and RELAX!!!!!

Last year was my first year and I am 34. I started in the "D" Class not jumping anything. By the end of the year I moved up to the "C" Class and had all of the jumps down. Just take your time and have fun. In the beginning my goal was to not finish last, don't set high goals for yourself right away. Also try to go with a buddy that races, it helps to have someone there to let you know what is going on.

Is the race at a track that you frequent? You know the track and what you are capable of doing then. Before the race set goals, not "what place I'm going to finish" or "get the holeshot". Set goals to where you are racing the track and not the other riders. For example:

1. I want to make every corner count.

2. I will work on not coasting into corners.


If you set a couple of achievable goals against the track, you will be happier with the results than if you try to go for where you finish. Have fun, be safe. And when you are just starting the second lap and allready have armpump like mad, tell yourself outloud to pinch with your knees and to breath.

I think my first race was around 27-28 and the best advice I could give is to strecth out your muscles very well.

I didnt do that in my first few races and I was cramping very badly at the end of the day.

Of course I was running in a 70 mile enduro but Im sure MX wears your muscles just as fast, if not faster.

You need a friend like I had for my first MX race at 29 years old: (He was 23-24 at the time and had been racing for a few years)

On the starting gate he pumped me up!

"You can beat these guys, they all suck!"

"I've seen you ride, you can crush them!"

and so on and so on!

The gate dropped and in the first corner some guy went down in front of me and I ran over his helmet (not on purpose) and kept going!

I was racing two classes that day so for the first moto of the second class guess what? The same thing happened, somebody else went down and I ran over his helmet and kept going!

What an introduction to MX!

As it turns out I didn't beat them all but I was not last either! Sure felt good getting some encouragement on the strting line though!

I am 26 and had my first race this year as well. I set my goals for the first day to finish both motos and ride well, not coast and ride to the ability that I know I can. I don't know about where some of you guys ride, but usually if you finish where I ride you don't get last. Also never try in a race what you haven't done before in practice. I second the race/riding friend at the track. I have a great one, and he has been racing longer than me and offered very helpful and safe advice.

If you can find the berthoud thread in this forum, I just published my impression of my first race.

Good luck


Man, There's a lot of great advice here.. All good.

If this were my first race I would just concentrate on having fun. Be careful at the start not to get out of shape. Just relax and breath. Bring a Camelbak with you and sip on water. I think that if you finished the race you'de be a winner.... :)

I'll be there too on Saturday, look me up. I'll have number 02 on my WR450.

Good luck!


Best Advise I read so far came from Dan, But all the rest are very good also and needs to be heeded

Go have fun

Learn the ropes and how the game is played...

I will be running my first race in Feb or March depends on my physical condition is going. I will be riding a Hare Scramble.

I have not raced since I was 22 I am now 45.

I am doing it because I want to enjoy it ride with good guys going in the same direction

Do what I do: put on dirty practice gear, sit around with an ice pack on your knee and a pained look on your face. Everyone will think you went hard in practice and bit it! They never even know you were too scared to go to the line

Oh ya always walk with a Limp

and if you have an old cast stick it own before you get in the pits

Then hack saw it off, everyone will think your nuts and stay away from ya.

Plus the Chick dig that stuff

Start jogging NOW!!!!!! Try to do at least!! 30 minutes with-out stopping!!!! Our race is going to be 45 minutes! So start jogging now and you will be able to ride strong the whole race! Notice i said STRONG not FAST! When everyone else starts to pucker out you'll kick in with your second wind and pass them in the end! I've been laying off the weights and putting in 3 to 4 miles a day for my lunch time! It helps that the gym is right above my office!! :)

I got my first bike and raced for the first time when I was 29 (i'm 31 now).

First race I collided with a dude in the air on a small jump...I won the collission with just a banged up elboe....he had to be carried off (his tire marks went down my seat and up my radiator shroud...so I'm pretty sure he ran into me :D ).

My $.02 would be:

1) Let the "fast" beginners get to the corner first off the starting gate...just kind of putt along until you're sure nobody's gonna run over you.

2) Definitely go far right or left on any jumps so you don't get landed on.

3) Look where you want to go....not where your front wheel happens to be at at the time.

4) Pick a competitor or two to race while you're out there having fun....and beat 'em.

5) Don't ride over your head. Do what's comfortable for now. God willing you'll have plenty of time to get in over your head later. :)

You got it E.G.O. the only way I can get get pit chicks is through sheer pity over my bruised knee.It is also a good way to have them bring you beer,and you can start drinkin before the races are even over! ! !

Just kiddin with the other 2 posts Samy. Glad to hear you are giving racing a try. Just go to the line and dont try to win it all in the 1st moto. Just get out there and HOLD YOUR LINE!-let faster riders go around you. By the time the second moto rolls around you should be alot more relaxed and ready to race the track-not so much the other riders. Have a great time and remember always IT IS BETTER TO BE A RACER FOR ONE DAY THAN A SPECTATOR FOR LIFE!!!!!


I also have my first race a week from Sunday, its a hare scramble in the Desert and I am 26yoa. Im enjoying and learning from your posts, so keep at it..

You old timers try to remember your first race and tell us about those "I wish I would have done" stuff......

Race prep ???

Bike Prep???

Gear ???

Goggle Prep ??

The best advice I have seen in here so far:

1. Hold your line, especially over jumps.

Our MX association had a policy of jumpers get the left of the jump and non-jumpers get the right. Maybe yours does too?

2. Have fun!

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