2001 xr250r will not fire. Bike has 2200 miles and is uncorked. It used to start very easily about 2 weeks ago when i first got it, but now whenever i go to kick it it just wont start. Has stock 132/45 jetting, i noticed that when i got the bike it had the snorkel installed. So i took the snorkel out, and i took it for a little test ride and it was fine. I then left the bike alone for 2 weeks. So i went to start her up today and nothing happened. Fuel is on, full choke no throttle, idle is turned up, spark plug cap is on tight, absolutely will not start whatsoever. When i eventually get it started i will rejet it. And i also tried starting it will the snorkel in but still failed to fire.

Appreciate your help

With the snorkle removed, it's entirely possible you need to richen the jetting. But for now, drain the float bowl of old gas and let it run out for a few seconds with the petcock open. Then try to start it using the technique you describe above. After you get it started, see where the fuel screw is set and perhaps come out with it a little if it's not already more than 2 turns out.

Just a suggestion, check your valve clearences. This can be done very easily on an XR250. Makes 1-2 kick starting again possible. :)

Assuming you put it back to the original condition, snorkle in, it should start right?

It's possible you fouled the plug and need to replace it.

How is your starting technique? Is this your first 4-stroke

I was horrible at starting my XR400 when I first got it.

Since you are having starting problems, go at it like a big bore 4-stroke, not a 250 that you can stab the kickstarter and go.

First, wear boots not tennis shoes. For me, this really helps.

Got gas? Check it.

FYI: your bike will start easier with regular pump gas.

Turn on the gas.

Full choke.

Idle up a bit.

Grab the front brake with the right hand.

This avoids twisting the throttle while you kick.

Push down on the kickstarter until you feel solid resistance, push just a little more.

Return it to the top.

Give a long solid kick to the bottom. Not a quick stab.

1. Can you smell fuel when kick starting?

2. Check that you ARE getting spark, and a good blue color (Use another plug to verify this.). If so, check the condition of your spark plug for wetness, and color.(fuel, air, and spark)

3. Pull start the thing to get it running with a tow-rope/strap with the decompression lever pulled to blow out any excess fuel. Try starting @ 1/2 choke.

4. Is air filter clean?

5. Starting fluid will start it, but not fix the problem.

6. Like mentioned above, remove and clean the carb., but don't change the jets till you find the problem. It ran before, but now it doesn't. Bad gas or gunk in the carb could be the culprit.


I had my hand up first!


I'm sorry, but you didn't press the buzzer in time.

We can't see your hand waving over the internet.

Well this guy is going to get a boat load of suggestions.

I'm of the theory to adjust one thing at a time, until you really know what you are doing.

The bike ran, so he really needs to restore it back to the condition it ran in and get it running again. Even if he needs to bump start it.

If he tears open the carb, adjusts the valves, etc and it doesn't run, who knows whether a new problem has been added.

Oh, my other two quick checks are slack on the decompressin cable and no short on the kill switch.

I'm so sorry. I'm just a BRONZE Member. :D

What-say he inspects the above mentioned items, and writes down the readings before he adjusts anything. This would include inspecting the carb, and...wait, does he have a manual yet? :)

I guess with this site, he don't need one! :D

Make sure the plug isn't fouled , no water in carb, and that you haven't pulled the coil wire loose in the plug cap.



My money is 50/50 on the plug and/or the valves :)

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