Video of ClearCreek ride last weekend (3 videos!)

Here's some video of last weekend's ride at Clear Creek.

The blue DRZ is me

The person with the helmet cam is my dad on his yellow 436 DRZ

The red CR250 is my 17 year old sister

The orange KTM is William the Clear Creek ranger

The video is in Windows Media player format, 25MB each. Please right click on the link and save the file(s) to your hard drive, when they are finished downloading play the files.

Clear Creek Video 1

Clear Creek Video 2

Clear Creek Video 3


downloading them both. going at a steady 85kbps.


done whatching the video, the best part was the hill climb. even if he did fall it was still cool to see. really sunny though which made things hard to make out in the end. but good video, I'll add it to my collection :)

Sweet vids man.

Very nice Matt. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go riding RIGHT NOW! :)

DAMN! I gotta get DSL!!! :)

1.87 and 1.86 !!! Thats 6.5 hrs. each!!! Damn! But I do love TT videos!!! Still gotta get DSL!!! :)

DAMN gotta get a t1, im only getting 130k between the two :) its always something

that hill climb was pretty cool

thanks for the ride ... :)

Nice shot of yer dad loopin it :D

Just wanted to let everyone know that I added a third video to my first post...


cool vids matt, it amazing how steady it was while riding. i may have to look into getting one of those. thanks.....-jamie

:D My Sh!t at work is too slow...keeps disconnecting. I wanna see the videos! WAAAAAAA!! :)

aaaahhh that hit the spot alright :)

Excellent vids Matt :D

man i wanna go riding now.....think im coming down with something....i may have to take tomorrow off

AAAAAHHHHHHRRRRGGGGGHHHH 75% downlaoded...and the connection was reset!!!!! 1hr into it and POOF! DAMMIT :D:)


If you start downloading the same link without closing your browser it should pickup right where it left off.



Thanks for sharing those vid's. You did a great job keeping the camera steady. I didn't even puke once watching it !!! What helmet cam/vid player do you use? The footage looks pretty steady. Oh ya, I wanted to say you had my whole office cheering for you once you (think it was you) decided to do the hill climb in the 2nd vid.

Still at 51% on the 3rd vid... can't wait to see it.


Did the girl on the CR make the hill the 2 guys didn't??

The helmet cam setup was purchased from

It's the 480 line Extreme kit. It is attached onto a canon ZR-20 digital camcorder. The helmet camera setup was $359 + camcorder. It is great quality though. The camera is encased in metal. You can run it over with a truck! Super light, you forget you are wearing it. You don't have to try and keep it steady, it just is.

My dad was the one doing the hillclimb. Not bad for 59!


Nope, she didn't make it all the way, but she was close. The last 10 feet of that hill are the hardest.


Has something happened? My download manager got 80% through overnight but now it times out connecting to server..? :)

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