throtle cable 120

what throtle and cable do i use on the 200x carb"the 200x cable is too short and the stock xr 100 is too long am i using the wrong throtle"i'am using xr 100????????

1978 Huffy 10-speed, make sure you lube it up though :) Sorry kids I've had one too many YUENGLINGS and it's bedtime :cool::D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;):p:D:cool: :cool: :cool:

I use a CR80 throttle and cable and it works great.

I recieved a 200x carb which must have been the later version, because it had the cable housing elbow perminently attatched to the mixing bowl cap. Honda puts a spring ring in the cap then pushs the elbow in and it clicks on, like your stock xr100 set up. I also baught a cr80 throttle and cable which turned out too short. There may be different generations, I asked for a 1997,it was too shorter than the stock 100 cable. I then cut and ground out the elbow on the 200 carb. I then, cut the stock 100 mixing bowl apart and pealed it away from the cable elbow. Then I pulled off the chrome cap on the end of the cable housing trimed the plastic sheathing about12mm back. Now you grind about six rings of the cable housing, very carefully with a grinder wheel. Making real sure you dont touch the inner cable.Make sure you remove the snap wire on the cable elbow on the 100 cable your going to use and put it all together. Works great. If you have a problem give me let me know. I put mine in a stock framed 120 with all the usual cam etc totally ventilated air box, so far 125 main stock 200 needle in #2 position 35 pilot 3.5 out on air screw and it runs pretty good I'm not done jetting, but its in the ball park now. See Ya, Matt

Thats a lot of work. The CR80 cable ('96 to today are the same) should have been right length as thats what I used on the 2001 XR80. Must be why I like Mikuni carbs..... :)

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