Great News from Optimum!!

Thanks to a few riders who had a silimar problem as mine using the DM Kit, Optimum has decided to include the Operating Code (Hex Code) tool free to everyone who owns a DM kit and include them in future Kits like they do with the Yamaha guys. This is awesome news!

They also mentioned something special for the Map Select guys in March.

Also, they are really looking at the DM Kits compatibility with WIN 2000 as most of the ECU lock-ups if not all were caused while using Win 2000.

For more details check out what they posted on Cannondaler.

Optimum Post

These guys ROCK! :)

They are absolutely the best in customer service, no question about it. Scooter ALWAYS gave a prompt reply to any questions I've had, even some not directly related to their product. First Class operation.

yeah, no kidding. They, well, Scooter is great. He's the only one I've ever spoken to up there, but if the rest are as good as he is they have to be a great bunch! I know Scooter lurks on the list so Scooter, way to go bud, you da man!!! *LOL*

This is awesome news! All this time I thought I was the only one with a DM Kit that would kill the ECU!

Optimum sent me a replacement ECU so they could test mine, but I haven't had a chance to install it yet (I've been gone every weekend). With the ability to load hex, I'll feel safer about using the kit.

I have windows ME on my laptop and have not had any problems with communications, so add that to the list of software that works.

Optimum has been great to work with and they do stand by there product.


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