ways to clean intake valves?

I keep reading about "corral" deposits of carbon on intake valves on engines that have "lost compression" My own experience was a middle intake valve that had "tuliped" and I replaced it. There was no carbon buildup on mine and I would think that there is a more cost effective way of cleaning the valves without taking off the head or always leave the bike TDC when parked

I did a quick search and found this link and I know there are actual carbon removing machines for automobile motors or even bottles of valve/fuel injector cleaner and was wondering if this would work/screw up the titanium valves and what other TT'ers have tried.


I'd be interested in knowing this myself. I have seen a decarbonization process for cars, where you run some kind of top engine cleaner through a vacuum line while the engine is running. Anyone know if something similar is possible on our little thumper engines? Mine is starting to kick through TDC real easy and I'm thinking it might be from the carbon.

The concept seems sound, can't you just poor the stuff into the tank and run the engine like a fuel injector cleaning agent? I was thinking of doing this once in a while to clean the jets and fuel passages in the carb as well as the intake valves but wasn't sure if this would work - glad you guys ask the question...

The only thing is, this will clean the carb and the intake valves, what about the build ups in the exhaust valves?

On our old cars during my high school years when cars still used carbs, we used to open up the air filter case and poured water into the carb AS we revved the "hot" engine - the idea/concept was to break up the carbon build ups from the valves and pistons (i.e. hot engine components meet cold water) and blow them out the exhaust - don't know if it actually worked, but someone told us to do that and we didn't know any better so we did it :) It didn't seem to hurt the engine though...

I ran ava, fuel in my 01 WR250F for two years and also used a product called Kreen (mfg. by Kano Laboratories phone 615 833 4101). Kreen cleans and luricates the valves. It cost about $18.00 a gallon. I run 2 oz. of Kreen per gallon of 100 low lead ava. gas. When i had my valves adjusted after two years of use the valves they were not tuliped or burnt.

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