Front tires????

OK Trailbashers! Whats a good front tire for really hard packed, rocky off camber cornering?

What front tire would you feel confident on in these conditions? :bonk:

Not happy at all with the current front "Mich M12"

michelin comp MS is the nuts.

Walshy! Got the new Dunny 745, not bad at all for the hardpack.

Coming from a 952 which was good for everything.

I like the Dunlop 952. Good in every kind of terrain IMO.

I like the IRC Vulcanenduro, cheep and it last for three races. Jeff S

Can't beat a Dunlop 952 for hard pack ground :bonk:

I llike the metzeler mc 5 it seems to able to cope with most things, and its pretty cheap and lasts a fair while

I'm runnning the Motoz Tracula which is very confidence inspiring especially after some scary moments with the Dunlop 952's. I got several of my mates onto the Motoz but they went for the Tractionator Enduro's which are a better all rounder & they're very happy too.:bonk:

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