fmf ti 4 slip on 4 450sx

does any one know if the fmf ti 4 can wil slip on to the stock 450sx headpipe????

My understanding is that you must replace the mid-pipe, but yuo can reuse the headpipe. They where available separately a while back, but now they seem to only come as a complete system for the RFS. I got mine thru MX South, the complete Ti powerbomb system was less than $600. Knocked 5 lb's off the weight, Runs awsome, but it is louder.

Motodick,If you are asking if any other year,other than a 03 slip on will go on a 03 450sx header the answer is no!At least not with out some modifications.00-02 use a ball type compression fit like stock of those years,but the 03 450sx utilizes a true slip on fit.I just put one on my 02 450sx and you'll have to make a small bracket to mount at the frame section,and make a straight slip ring to weld on your silencer.The bracket I made was from 1/4 thick 6061 aluminum about 1.5 inches long.You'll have a hole at each end.The hole centers are .835 thousandths.One hole should be tapped 8mmx1.25,and the other end will be a clearance hole for a 8mm bolt..Make any sense yet???At this time I have not yet rode it.But it turned out real sano!!!Hope I've helped!! :)

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