Cold Hard Facts

Alright, I know there were a "few" threads about pipes and which ones are best...but are there any links to comparisons with dyno graphs etc?

Dirt Bike magazine did a pipe shoot-out for the 02 CRF450.It included slip-ons and full systems.Can't remember which month it was though, I'll look around for it. :):D

it's july or august

Yep you are right!!

July 2002 issue of Dirt Bike.

There recommendations:

Slip on units: BBR,Big Gun,FMF Ti4

Full systems: White Brothers E Series(Ramsey),Pro Circuit

You should be able to get that month's magazine by contacting Dirt Bike,the article has all the weights,dyno results and descriptions of what the aftermarket units do for the CRF you could possibly need.

Of course if ya have a 03 then that's a different story. :)

Check out the rpm charts and look at the FMF Ti-4 slip-on results. I ordered one and am pleased. :)

I have an 03 but imagine the 02 results would be a good start to looking at the figures. Thanks everyone..

Sorry i'm maybe blind but i don't see the dyno tests , where are they , it interests me a lot


"Sorry i'm maybe blind but i don't see the dyno tests , where are they , it interests me a lot "

<font color="brown">

note the .1 horse power you get from the aftermarket head pipe. Yea thats worth the 300 bones you pay for it :)

You'd have to be insane to buy anything but a slip-on.

not to mention you lose torque. Junk. Hope other system pan out better than this.

OK I was wrong.....the magazine I was talking about is the 2002 July issue of Dirt Bike. Check out page 96 where they compare each exhaust on the " Comparative Horsepower Run At RPM Marks".

After reviewing this chart several times, I ordered the FMF Ti4 Slip-On! :)

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