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02 400SX vs MXC motor differences?

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Hey guys,

I've got a buddy interested in a new leftover 02 400SX. He was wondering what all differences there are in the motor between the SX and EXC for 02. I know the differences aren't as radical as the gap between this years 450EXC and SX but I'm not sure of the exact differences.

Things I'm sure of:

-No happy button

-6 speed close ratio/MXC tranny

Things I'm not sure about:

-Smaller lighting coil

-Lighter flywheel

-Different CDI mapping

If anyone can confirm the above and tell me other differences, I'd appreciate it. I know all the chassis/suspension/exhaust/etc differences so I'm just curious about the motor specifics.


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Hey Jeb,your right on the things your sure of and as far as the lighting coil its only 40 watts,but I have a light (sometimes)on mine and its plenty.Way lighter flywheel weight,and yes a different mapped black box..Now that mine is a 450 it stalls easier than what I would like but I'm working on it..You also have the big 48mm forks with pre-load adjusters on top.And the shock has high and low speed compression adjusters that they have since discontinued.Probably the best bars KTM has ever built as far as bend goes which they have also changed..I just noticed you knew all the suspension stuff already sorry!!!I think thats just about it.. :)

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