Love/Hate Relationship

I love to ride... and hate to spend my hard earned cash. In short, I'm going to pull the trigger and purchase a new WR450. The "out-the-door" quotations I have received in Kentucky so far are in the $6,600 range...6% sales tax (ouch!!) I was curious how much others were spending on their 450's? How about those purchased in Canada? I have no problem going north of the border to make the purchase, and have only solicited quotes from two local dealers. I realize it is a seller's market right now for 450's...but was trying to weigh the pains of not riding a few months versus the pain of spending this much $$.

I have it from a very reliable source that invoice to the dealer is $5406.00. The best deal I've heard of was $5806 Out the door with no tax. Your best deal is surely "out-of-state" to avoid the 6%.

Good luck!

The "out-the-door" quotations I have received in Kentucky so far are in the $6,600 range...6% sales tax (ouch!!)

That is more than a thousand less than most dealers here in SoCal.

What you need to understand about getting bikes from Canada is that you'll pay GST tax (you can get it back), customs fee, shipping and pay the 10% penalty fee from Yamaha because the bike's going to the states. Then there's the whole registration deal and you get the bike with a pipe that's useless. It used to be better a couple of years ago but you can still save a little if you play your cards right.

Good luck!!


I would suggest checking out Ontario dealers. You can get the dealer names and numbers at

When you go the Canadian route you should be able to get a WR450 for $5000-5200 USD give or take depending on the exchange rate. $7900-8100 CAD seemed to be common when I was looking. I was able to find a better exchange rate over in Canada than at my bank in the US.

There is no duty tax when you get to the border on the bike (don't quote me, but I think 700cc or smaller is duty free, might be other stipulations though, I called the border patrol, they had to get out the book to make sure). If you find a cool dealer they will put "shipped to USA" on your invoice even if you pick it up. This eliminates paying Canadian tax up front and having to fill out paper work at the border to get the tax refuned.

The Canadian bike supposedly has a less restrictive exhaust but I can't confirm that besides the one TT reply I have read. Suspensions sounds a touch softer too.

The money saved will buy some new riding gear in my case.

IceBox, welcome to TT. Your name says it all, I heard it was -20 to -30 degrees that far up north.

Let us know how the Canadian purchase goes. I am thinking of posting for a group ride this summer, a chance to meet other TT'ers. Akley is my personal favorite, followed by Spider. Keep watching as summer approaches.

I am going to call again today and try to get info out of them, anything would make me feel warmer. Yeah this morning it was -22 and walking to work made me think I just might have my winter skin by now but my nose told me otherwise. I'll let you know.

Paul Bunyan state forest has been a favorite in the past for camping and mountain biking but the enduro guys say it's one of the best areas. It would be fun to get some people together this summer.


$6,600.00 out-the-door sounds pretty good. I was quoted $7,000.00 out-the-door for an '03 WR450F today by Cycle Sports Center in Orlando. They put the bike together this morning and now have it on their show room floor. No buyers yet and CSC won't be getting another 450 till March. I was told that six guys had deposits down for the '03 WR250F - but they haven't come in yet. They also have a leftover '02 WR250F on the floor.

I can't jump on any of them till I sell my ZX-12R. :)

I hate to even say it but I ordered mine from Canada. I put $1000 down with a total price of $5750 American. The only problem is I have no idea of when I will see the bike. Last I heard was it will be in in a couple of weeks.


Where you charged 10%? I have heard of this but no dealers have mentioned it when I asked, "Are there ANY other costs, I want an out the door cost"?

When you mention useless pipe, are you referring to the fact that it is welded up (hence can't pull plug) or just the performance in general from a stock pipe?

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