Mods/airbox lid

Hey 2002 wr 250 owner..did most mods.Question I did away w/grey wire took out stock baffle ,changed throttle stop,and took out snorkle part of airbox lid........Im ok with stock exhuast for now . change later? (is the removal of snorkle enough or shall I take whole lid off I ride mostly @ 3-4 thousand elvation in california gorman jaw bone...some times at sea level....... I am happy with so far ,,,,any input would be great!!!! Thanks

Most people remove the whole lid, removing just the snorkel doesn't let it breathe as easily as removing the whole lid.

If you do remove the lid, you should also remove the baffle (makes if very loud though) and you may need to up the pilot jet, lower the clip on the needle and/or adjust the mixture screw to get more fuel at the lower RPMs that you're in - also change the main jet to a larger size if you remove the baffle and the air lid this will give you more fuel when you pin the throttle. The difference will be very noticeable... :)

If you want a really open box and much easier installation of the air filter checkout my AIRBOX MODS

I took my lid off and cut away all of the plastic until there was just a rim around the outside. The I took black panty hose and put the lid inside, trimmed, and screwed it back on the airbox. Now it's an effective pre-filter, especially for running the dunes, which is the reason I did it. Airflow is not decreased and it helps cut the dust that gets to the main air filter, reducing the cleaning chores.

Neat idea dmp437. Are you sure panty hose will do an adequate job? If I look at a lady's leg with panty hose on, I can see through the webbing - i.e. it's not that tightly bound when stretched... :)

It's a common trick for most of the duners regardless of the type of air filter they're running. Mention you're going to the dunes and they usually tell you "don't forget the hose". A lot of guys using it have thousands tied up in their motors (alcohol burning Banshees, turbo Banshees, supercharged buggies, etc) along with a few dead machines that didn't have adequate intake protection back in the parking lot singing the blues made me deceide to try it. The size of hose you use will determine how tight it is stretched and the "let through" size of particles passed. The panty hose trick is in effect a pre-filter that keeps you from cleaning junk out of your airbox and is in addition to a normally run, meticulously maintained, primary air filter of your choice that catches everything.

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