On the fly clutch perches. Which one?

I am about to buy a on the fly perch, and was wondering if I could get some info on which one is the best? Ease of pull, strength, reliability? I've never owned one, but used my buddies, and it is sweet, he has the works one. I really like the oberg one though. It looks like that one is far better than the rest. Anyone have one?

I have a works connection with the shorty hot start thumb lever. I like it a lot. It is easy to push the hot start and pull the clutch in to start in gear and the thumb lever doesn't get in the way whatsoever. Very good craftsmanship and quality also. I would highly reccomend this one. Very easy to adjust when in the air also.

I use the FMF 909 AOF perch. I also use the Dr. D hotstart on the throttle side. I like the setup although I would probably do the Works Connection setup. It is just a little cleaner.

I agree with you redracer21 , i have the same , had ridden with it only once and it is awesome , it's wonderful .

Very easy to adjust but never had the "chance" to try to start the bike in gear with the WC perch , does it really start in gear with it cause with the stock one not possible .Do you adjust it very tight , no freeplay?

For the price it's good but you can't compare the WC with the Applied , it's not the same quality .I agree with you it's not the same price.If you want a good perch without spending too much money go for Applied but if you want the best go for the WC!!!!Sorry if i hurt someone but it's the truth. :)

No hurt feelings here! :) I think Works Connection is overpriced for what it is...just my .02 worth.

I am not a "trendy" guy, hell, I am not even gonna buy the replacement hot start lever for $50, I just moved the stocker over to the right side, turned it upside down, it is now easy to reach because it sits to the left of and slightly in front of the brake master cylinder, keeps my hand off of the throttle for hot starting, and keeps my wallet happy.

I cut and welded my clutch arm to add 5mm, and I also had my cable bracket at the engine cases welded to make it stiffer, no need to buy a $50 part that barely makes any difference anyway.

Call me "team neccesary" :D

Get a magura hydrolic clutch.Never needs adjustment because it doesnt fade, you can also adjust the distance from the grip to the lever to your liking.Pull is less than stock and smooth.

I don't like clutch free play. I run the smallest amount possible.

As far as hydraulic, I've never ridden with one but I've heard that it's either off or on, no slipping. Just what I've heard- i know you can't believe everything you hear.

Ive got a WC peice too. Damn sweet.

I dont mind the cheap ones either. There are several companits selling the idnetical unit. Mine said MSR on it. It is forged, so it can be straightened. You miss all the beautiful machine marks, but otherwise the thing works.

I still like the stock honda cr perch the best. damn shame it wears out so quickly.

Redracer,you were right , thank you , i rode the bike today and i trained to stall . The bike started first kick even in gear ( 1st,2nd...) each time before with the stock it was impossible for me ( it is possible that i was doing wrong with my fingers ).It's very easy with the WC to pull the clutch and the hot start together. I love this perch ( i hope that it will last for a long time lol) :)

I really do like the Works Connection unit. I found mine for about $125.00 You could buy a cheaper one if you have the Power Now device, because you won't need the hot start function any more. I got the Power Now so my bike would re-start more easily during racing stalls. It absolutely works. Yahoo!!! :) The 4-strokers really need clean air filters, too. A slightly dirty filter will make the bike much harder to start. A mechanic recently told me the filters on a 4-stroke really flatten out when the throttle is on. That's why these guys who take the filter screen off have their filter sucked into the intake! Just one more "tidbit" that's bound to help somebody.

Rage on!

Do you have an address site for the Power now?

Thanks :)


You asked: "Do you have an address site for the Power now?


Mine came in a package from "DSP", with DSP logos and stickers. The same DSP that makes pipes and carbon fiber parts. They must be together. White Power was the old name. Maybe that has changed. Look on DSP's website. That's probably your best bet. Good luck.

I have to admit, I was hesitant to spend $150 for a clutch perch but now that I've got it, I wouldn't part with it. I love the on-the-fly-adjustment and even like the hot-start being moved to thumb operation.

I've got a Power Now on my 450 and like it as well. Really adds some snap to the power and makes it crisper. Eases the starting as well but I have had to use the hot start a time or two... The website is www.worldpowerracing.com and yes, it will come from DSP. Takes about 3 weeks - or at least it did for mine.

Do you use stock crf levers with the works connection perch or do you have to buy more expensive replacement levers when they break??

Stock Yamaha! Sorry, I couldn't resist... :)

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