2001 DRZ400S Suspension Upgrade Question

Hi, I am looking to upgrade my 2001 S suspension and would like to know what the best way to go is.

1) Find E components

2) Upgrade S components with RaceTec Gold Valves & Sprints

3) Find RM components

4) ???????????

I weight about 230# and ride at an intermidate level, and cost is not the primary concern but is important.



Your S model uses different forks than the 02 and later S models which got the same suspension as the E/K models. You can look for E components (good luck!) or you can just get yours re-sprung and install emulators. Gold valves are not available for those forks, but in their stead, Race-Tech makes emulators which are supposed to be a significant improvement over stock. Matt Nelson has these. Matt, any comments good or bad on the emulators?

Go with the race tech or another company. It will be the cleanest fastest way to get the job done. RG3 or is it RS3 might do something for the s

The race tech emulators, and eibach springs really helped a lot. I can go through the whoops much faster now. I did back to back tests with my dad's 2001S and there is a big difference. I installed everything myself.


I'm about to get race tech within the next couple months.

costing me about 720 dollars canadian.

Personally I think itsa good choice because even the E forks seem pretty soft to me.

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