Want to remove gold anodize from front forks

Can the gold anodize be removed from the front forks.

If i take rouge and polish it off will it hurt anything.

Can the gold anodize be removed from the front forks.

If i take rouge and polish it off will it hurt anything.

Im not sure but wouldnt want to risk it. If it were me, I woud have them re-anodized the color of your choice. They are too expensive of a part to want to accidently mess up in my opinion.

Easy Off oven cleaner is supposed to take it off, but the forks will have to be completely disassembled most likely to do the best job

Yes easy off does work but leaves a bad stain.

I do have 4 different polishing rouge's and polish aluminum no problem.

I just wonder if anyone has done it.

Seams like 4-5 hours and i could have them polished up

But why would you want to?

I am doing it for looks.

It does not match any other colors on the bike.

Everybody seams to just leave them gold.

I thought it would be cool to be different and match it up.

Send hem to someone that can anodize them. This way you can have a completely different color, or you can have them polish them and anodize them clear so you don't have to keep polishing them. You won't get the anodizing off with polishing rouge, you need to chemically strip it or sand it oft. The problem with sanding is that the fork surface is not smooth. By the time you get it smooth and the anodizing removed you will have removed a lot of material and you could have problems with the triple clamps holding them.

Spray Castrol Purple Cleaner all over them and leave it ...they will not be Gold ever again.

But they will look like crap from this point on.......:bonk:

totally dissasemble them, bead blast them AND THEN have them Anodized....its the only way to go or else you will regret it.

It can be done. The problem is that they are not smooth but have a machine finish. I had a pair of forks on one of my old bikes that I did this to. I used oven cleaner too get most of the anodizing off then I just polished them out. It removed most of the machine finish to get them really shiny but they came out pretty good. I never had ant issues with the clamps holding the forks afer the machine finish was removed. I remember it was a lot of work.

Looks like my suspention guy (Race Day Performance)

He is going to send them in to have them done in Gun Metle grey and if they can not do gun metle then just black.

Will cost me 125.00

Takes about 2 weeks.

He is going back threw them and will have them apart anyway.

I think it is worth it because it already cost me 165.00 to buy a bunch of Rouge and pads for polishing.

I did my DR.D silencer and that took 3-4 hours.

Now the question is what else on the bike should i give him to send in with it.

your spokes



Plumders drain Lye works killer for stripping anodizing. But like other guys said, they are so expensive of a part you don't want to have them look like crap. Doesn't RG3 anodize them? I think Feal will as well.

Done his one already and it looked sweet after I finished. I used Red Devil Lye. I found a "plastis" cooler large enough to fit the leg. I mixed the lye with water. Water first then pour in the lye. The forks have to be strip completely. I laid the leg in one at a time using rubber (Not latex) gloves. It took 10 minutes. Really it took 5 but I wanted to make sure. It left a dull gunmetal gray color. I then polished the legs on my bench polisher. Polishing took the longest and was the hardest part. Getting the coating off was the part I was worried about but it was smoking hot when I was done.

pics noob?

I polished my forks on my Dual-Sport and they came out looking great...


I am in Colorado but Feal Does do them, they are in CA

Same price as i am paying .

And i save shipping cost.

Thank you for helping me.

pics noob?

I have pictures using the process on anodized brake pistons but I didn't take any of the forks. The first photo shows the before. The second during the stripping process. The gray you see on the part polishes off very easy. The last is one piston after spending a very long time polishing the coating off. The other piston stripping with lye and polishing.

Noob? Dealing with the ignorant becomes taxing but we do what we must.




Huh the last photo won't load? I'll try it in a second post.


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