Winter Sucks!

Man this has been one nasty winter. I haven't really had time to ride anyway but it still sucks. It hasn't been above freezing here since early December and the ground has been snow covered since before Christmas. The temp has risen to a whopping 6 degrees this morning already and we are expecting more snow this afternoon. I check in here everyday just to read about someone else riding. Keep on posting boys, you are keeping me sane. Spring time is sure gonna be sweet this year. :)

Hey Stonewall, are you in Bath County? That is the only place in VA I can imagine that would stay that cold/snowy. It is cold here, too, although I could probably ride if I bundled up good. I am soo close to having the bike on the road, but am waiting on a darn mirror mount before I can get my inspection. I can't wait to run up Rt. 311 in the spring (when I get some road tires). See ya!



You're pretty close. I'm in Highland County at about 3,800'. The temp is hanging at 9 degrees right now and the wind is howling.

When you get your bike plated maybe we can meet somewhere on 311. I can make it from here all the way to New Castle on almost all dirt. You better keep a set of knobbies just in case. I have some big rides planned in the Spring. Good luck with the DMV. :)

Here is one to chew on! We are leaving tonight from So Cal to Mex. About 5 hour drive. Check the map. 80 miles south of El Centro down mainland side to a little fishing town called El Golfo. We are camping there for 3 days. It is still shrimping season so we can buy them for about $1.00 a lb. There are sand dunes that run along the beach for about 30 miles. We've got BRP's and CRF450R with paddle tires. The temperature should be hovering above Zero about 80 degrees. Sure do miss the seasons changing!

Hey Stonewall,

Looks like my assignment to VA is becoming a sure thing. I'll be looking ya up this summer after settling in.

P.S. Where's your snow mobile?

You guys are lucky. Its -18 Celcius with a wind chill in the -20's up here in Canada. I have been exercising for months in anticipation of riding the BRP some day. Wonder if I will remember how to kick it over. Been sooooo long!!!

I read the posts also to keep sane.

Man, I know what you are talking about. It is back to 0 now with a windchill of -23 Fahrenheit.

That trip to Mexico is what I'm talking about. I wish I could come up with the time and the green to pull off a trip like that right now. Go ahead and have enough fun for all of us and keep those stories coming.

Foobar, we will definitely hook up for some rides when you get here. Let me know when you get moved in. At least you are moving to the warm part of the state. :)

winter,what is winter :) is there more then one season :D

winter in nj sucks cold as hell and 2 feet of frozen white stuff :)

As a confirmed adrenaline junkie there is no way I could survive winter without some sort of fix every couple of weeks. Thank God for snowmobiles. They're fast and fun. Not quite as fun as dirtscooters but it'll get you by. Last weekend I did a fast run with some buds. Went 58 miles in 1 hour ten minutes. Mostly on flat icy snow covered fire roads. What a rush. Had my XC700SP up to 108 on one long flat section. It'll do! :)

I haven't seen temperatures above 0 celcius degrees since the second week of October :)!!! Went riding at -6 celsius in november :D.

Let's start a pool: during the past three weeks we had three days over -20 celcius deg. We reached -40 with the wind factor last week. Who can beat that!!! Ha ha !! Hopefully, my bike is resting in the basement of the house...

Wanna guess why we, from Quebec, are twice as crazy as you guys on these bikes? It's because we have half the time you have to cumulate as much crashes as you :D :D :D :D I wish I could buy nailed tires for that bike.


you guys are so lucky with the snow. Today it only got down to 50 something. :)

yup, you guys with the snow are so lucky, my four kids are

forgeting what it's like. Never mind, the last 2 weekends

it's been 12 celcius ( around 55 f ) here in Scotland

enabling me to tear up miles of fire roads and even take

the pig onto a motocross track. Yawl keep up this

global warming thing.

cheers, Craig

I love snow and winter can start as early as Mother Nature wants in November but the thing that turns me crazy is that some years, snow was still there in may. I hate that. I mean, It has to disappear in march otherwise, the summer is so short, peoples don't thaw completely:D.

it's funny you guys are talking about this. i moved to california two years ago from the northwest and always find myself ragging on cali.

but last night it occured to me while laying in bed that nowhere else could i go mtn. biking at 6am, show up for work for 3 hours, take off early and ride my xr in the desert, and get back in time to play roller hockey outside as the sun was going january. and that's exactly what i did yesterday! i'll move back to the northwest but somehow i think i was supposed to be a californian all along. of course then i try to go to the dmv or drive east on the I-10 at 3pm and i tell a different story.


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