Anyone elses from brakes squeak and squeal?




Mine have pretty much done it from day 1 of riding. Maybe its the pads..not sure..but I'm just curious to see if its normal or if others experience it? If its not normal, what can I do to stop it? (Its obviously more noticable at lower slow speeds where I can hear it over the exahust/engine)




I meant to write 'Front brakes' in the header... not 'from brakes' :)

go out on it. ride it up to top speed. i mean flat out towards a wall. brake way too late.

you won't hear them squeel anymore.

i know what your thinking...

sick joke...


your pads have polished up. your riding it like a wuss. try & melt the brakes big time.

you can even try pulling the pads out & scuffing them up with sand paper.

did you think i would really tell you to commit HK?


I have also had squealing from my front brake since new

Ahhh Taffy... very cute! Run into a brick wall, riding like a wuss.. now those are the technical and well thought out solutions im looking for!

John its definately the front brkes and not the front bearings...thanks for the thought though. I guess I'll just have to take Taffys advise and ride harder to melt in those pads. Unless someone else has any other idea's? Taffy you should write a book..."taffys quick and easy bike remedies"


The harder you ride them the more they squeal :) Just ask NH Kevin :D

Try this:

1.) Wet sand your pads lightly

2.) Clean your disk w/ acetone or brake cleaning solvent

3.) Remove the brake pins and inspect them (rear too) If you can feel divots, replace it. You did grease this when it was new, right? :)

That should help. If it doesn't grease the bearing like John described. Couldn't hurt!

Then do the WALL thing!!! :)


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

It may not be your brakes. I and several other members have had a squealing sound come from the front that sounds very much like brake squeal.

It may be lack of lubrication between the front bearing seal and the spacers. Try taking the front wheel off and lubbing the rubber seal.

This solved my squealing front end.

Thanks Howard... will give that a hurl. errmmm "You did grease this when it was new, right? " ..... nooo thats why I love this place.! Guess I will do that too. Im a bit pissed though... 2 rides and I already have a nice buckle in the front RIM!!

Im going for the BLUESTONE WALL in 5th gear

I just took my wr 426 apart for the after-break-in greasing, and noticed part of the outer seal on the odometer sending unit had been folded over on installation. I cleaned the rubber dust out and put a bit of grease on the wheel seal flange, and things are much quieter.

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