Service manual

Second to none! YAMAHA did their homework on the service manual that came with my 02 WR. It covers just about every aspect of rebuilding the bike. Have they left much out? I haven’t heard of a supplement yet.

Yes, it is pretty good...

One gripe, and I understand the commercial reasons for doing it, but...

I wish it was in just one language, rather than the 3 languages that I have to thumb through to fing the right pages, or if the languages were in seperate sections... , rather than interspersed in each section... apart from that, if Yamaha provided a PDF version on CD I would be happy... sure it would cost less to burn a CD than to produce a printed version... They could include a Parts catalogue as well... maybe some animated sequences for the manual, or some video for newcomers - like how to start the bike etc...


I agree that it is a good manual. The one's I bought for my Harley, buell, and girlfriend's XR are not quite as detailed.

One improvement would be more photos rather than just diagrams.

Yamaha has done an excellent job with the manuals since 1998.

Bonzai :)

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