Indiana riders may want to look......

Dugger is scheduled to be opened up june 7th. For those of you who live in Indiana that don't know what this is, Dugger is a little town in Greene County. It is really close to Linton. The riding area is on old coal mine land, previously owned by Amax coal company. The riding area is actually about half way in between Dugger and Linton. They started mining it in the 60's sometime and ran out of coal in the early 80's. Every since then, it has been a haven for offroading.

I would guess there is somewhere around 3000 acres, maybe more, of the best riding in the Ohio Valley. The outlying trails are going to be for 4x4 trucks and jeeps, and every thing else is supposed to be for bikes and quads. There are some of the biggest, steepest angled hills I have ever seen there. Here is the link to the DNR website. Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources It is actually called the Redbird project. Your bike will have to be registered as an offroad vehicle before you can ride there though. It is only $6 for 3 years. The form is on the page to send in. If you can't find it, email me and I will email it back. Looking forward to seeing all you Indiana riders there for the opening day, (and maybe before then )

Thanks for the info. Can't wait to ride it.

Is any of the Hoosier Nat'l forest open for riding? Dugger is too far for me to drive, but Hoosier is close enough for an all-day ride.



Thanks DRz400e, It looks like a good place for a weekend getaway. Only a short 4 1/2 hr. drive for me. :)

Do you have to register as an off-road vehicle if your licensed and registered as an on road vehicle?

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I contacted the DNR in Indianapolis and they said, as of right now, if you are licensed for the road, you do not have to register as an ORV, because it is not an ORV, it is dual sport. They said that could change though.


if your going to ride in the Hoosier National Forest, don't let the DNR catch you or you will lose your bike and your freedom. They will probably throw you in the clink faster than anything. I have been round-and-round with the U.S. forest service more than once over this. They will simply not allow motorized vehicles on the trails because of all the freakin tree huggers and environmentalists around. Pretty much sucks to. Rotton bastards. :)

Thanks for the info DRz400e. I'll see you there in June. :)

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