Hotcams 450 Decomp Cam In O2 426 Question?

ok installed 450 hotcams exhaust cam with auto decomp in my 02 426. it starts a little easier but not like my 03 wr450. i still have to use the decomp lever procedure to start it. am i missing something? valves are dead on cant figure it out. my wr450 starts on tdc or just about anywhere thru the stroke effortlessly.

Maybe I'm missing something here Triton but I don't understand why you put a Hotcams 450 cam in your 426. I would understand putting a YAMAHA 450 exhaust cam in, but Hotcams makes an exhaust cam specifically for the 426. Again, why a 450 cam?

got it pretty reasonable so i gave it a shot.

Hmm, ok. I put the Yamaha 450 cam in mine and never have to use the decompression lever. That's strange. I remember someone else posting a similar experience to yours on one of the longer threads about the 450 cam mod. I'll look around for it. The guy will probably have figured it out by now.

just got done starting to break the cam in. good thing i live in a rural area, sure was dark and cold. it pulls alot smoother without the surge of power. i think ill take it apart again and check it out also might put the cam tensioner out of my wr first though.

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