yz450 gear lever on a wr450?

Does anybody know if a 2004 yz450 gear lever will fit a 2004 wr450?

I need a new gear lever and plenty of people sell yz ones but nobody has a wr one unless its a genuine yamaha one which is VERY expensive so it would be good to save a few $$$ and use a yz one if it fits.

They do have different part numbers, so most likely not. The WR lever probably has to curve out more than the yz lever to clear the alternator cover.

I don't know about your 04 wr450, but I have a hammerhead yz shifter on my 07 wr450 and it fits fine

They are different - I was handed a YZF shifter by mistake one day, took it home and tried to install - no go. Looked closer at the package and realized it was for a YZF.

SXP is correct in that it needs to stand out more to clear the lefts side case cover.


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